Sunday, March 6, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.
 Billy Graham’s Decision America Tour:

In Des Moines, Iowa people began arriving hours before the prayer rally, and although the weather was gusty and below freezing all day, an enthusiastic crowd of more than 2500 flooded the State Capitol’s steps and spilled into the surrounding areas. “Instead of saying “Poor US” we need to take a stand” a father named roger said at the rally. 

He is deeply concerned that America’s religious freedom is hanging in the balance from the town council to the school board to the state house. We need to start standing up. He brought his wife and teenage sons to make the family’s voice heard. “A woman named Judy who was in the crowd at one of the events with a friend summed up her perspective on why the “Decision America Tour” is so important for the country. “I think if America doesn’t change America will fall” her friend added. 

What is being said needs to be said” ,... and Judy finished the thought...”AND NEEDS TO BE PRAYED.” lamentations 5:21: Turn US back to You O Lord, and we will be restored. (unquote Billy Graham)

Pearl’s Poem: 

David, the Shepherd Boy:... Once a lowly Shepherd Boy knew God was on the Throne and he killed a mighty giant with a tiny little stone. And that same God still reigns today for body, heart and soul. The Big Bad Wolves just run away when God is in control. They fear a child who trusts the One whose years will never fail. And to this day that’s why these wolves still try to hide their trail. 


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