Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.
 By Steven Reese, George Washington and the Power of Prayer:

Our nation’s founding father lived a life of intimate faith in God. Washington was our first president of the United States and is our nation’s greatest and most beloved leader of all time. It’s really no surprise that his faith has been the subject of debate for many generations.

 Some have tried to portray him as a deist while others say he was a devoted of Christ and understood the power of prayer. He also knew how to pray. Many christians today pray aimless prayers not knowing a thing about what God says in His Word. When praying just open your mouth and acknowledge what God says in His Word. Jesus said He only said what He heard His Father say.

If you want something good to operate in your life begin appropriating the laws that govern these things while giving thanks and praise. (unquote)

Pearl’s Poem:
Learning to Pray:
I woke up today and wanted to pray but the words seemed to stop in mid air. I gazed at the clock...my heart like a rock. I went to the window and stared. The birds filled the trees...till sweet memories...came knocking upon my heart’s door. Soon I could tell that all would be well. It has been so often before. The path, it is rough; but God is enough; I’ll trust Him with all of my might. Now I can say I’m ready to pray. Please come Lord and make it alright.

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