Thursday, March 24, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Franklin Graham:
 Decision America 2016:

America has embraced---even flaunted...secularism and secularists are trying to remove the Name of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, from everything possible. It is time we recognize the serious condition our country is in and take a stand for truth and righteousness. We are holding a prayer rally in every state capitol. Will you please take a stand and stand with me? (unquote Rev. Franklin Graham) 

Pearl’s Poem:
 The Truth won’t Change:

We’re putting on a show tonight. We tell ourselves that wrong is right. I don’t know why we’re playing such a part? The truth we think we must find the peace we’re looking for...but no one’s left to fool except our hearts. The truth lives there and that’s a fact. All along it’s been on track. It lives inside your heart the same as mine. Why do we always look away...and search for truth some other day? The truth may be we’re running out of time.

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