Saturday, March 19, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Webster’s Speech at Pilgrim’s Festival 1850 
 Reads From introduction in Webster’s Dictionary 1922:
New York 1850: 
The Mayflower was a ship and a flower destined to be of perpetual bloom. Gentlemen, let me fancy that I see Elder William Brewster at the door this moment. Let me suppose that his image stood before us. “Are ye, he would say, are ye our children? Does this scene of refinement or elegance of riches and luxury... Does all this come from our labors? 

Is this magnificent city but an offshoot from the Plymouth Rock? Is this one part of the great rewards from which my brethren and myself endured? Our lives were filled with toil and hardship but we had faith and hope. God granted us the spirit to look forward. We had little of earthly gratifications for our hopes were on another life. 

Let me say to you,,, If this be your earthly lot, we envy you not; we reproach you not; live always to God and to duty; carry an undying love of religious liberty; be willing to shed your heart’s blood to transmit them to your posterity. Then will you be worthy descendants of those who landed at Plymouth Rock.”

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