Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Standing in the Gap for America by Matthew Staver, Liberty Counsel: 

Prayer Points:

1. Pray for God to draw the hearts of all people to Himself.

2) Pray that God will raise up righteous leaders who will demonstrate integrity and authenticity.

3) Pray for godly men and women to be placed in positions of authority.

4) Pray that God will be glorified in the outcome of the 2016 general election.

5) Pray for the people of God to demonstrate a spirit of repentance and prayer.

6) Pray that our leaders would be granted wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

7) Pray for those in authority to be given godly counsel and God fearing advisors.

8) Pray that our leaders understand a biblical worldview and its principles.

9) Pray for our leaders to restore the sanctity of life, families and religious liberty.

10) Pray for our leaders to reverse the damaging trend of humanism in our nation.


12) Pray for our leaders to be prepared to give an account to God.

13) Pray for the turning of our nation back to God.

14) Pray for God’s mercy to triumph over judgement.

15) Pray for the Salvation of the non christian world.

16) Pray for God to work through leaders to keep the door open for His Gospel to be proclaimed. (unquote Matthew Staver) 

Note by Pearl :

The Iron Curtain of America is a poem I wrote in the 70s when the abortion laws surfaced. Although it is invisible I know the curtain’s there. One nation indivisible has somehow ceased to care.

One Nation that is under God...His presence unrevealed... Too blinded by the path they trod to let their wounds be healed. Neither do they weep nor mourn...They can not blush for shame!

They murder citizens unborn. Aborted is their name. They live within a flowered world...The devil’s deep disguise...and sleep on with the Flag unfurled. The curtain’s closed their eyes.  Although it is invisible...I know the curtain’s there. One Nation indivisible has somehow ceased to care.

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