Friday, March 18, 2016

A Pond Called America : The Biggest Moochers of Pond Are...

Today's American politician is one of the biggest moochers off the American taxpayer ever

 by Jane Lovelace Redmond

Today's American politician is one of the biggest moochers off the American taxpayer ever. They want to be "taken care of" on the highest welfare program available to them, taking all they can from the American tax payer, where they have voted themselves raises, benefits, perks while they have forgotten they are to serve and help the people back home.

No, they go to DC or get in politics and let their selfish, greedy hearts get trapped. The bigger the politician and the longer they stay in, the more they are willing to lie to the tax payers to STAY in their royal robes of hypocrisy.
And the American voter just believes all their "lines" of helping them, even while they are poorer, jobless, more in debt, less safe, and less free.

These politicians LOVE the unthinking voter who claps and cheers for them even when they fall deeper and deeper into despair and poverty. Americans are left in the murky swamp surrounded by crocodiles while those politicians take every dime from them to live in the lavish paradise "on the hill." AMERICANS ARE GETTING WHAT THEY ALLOWED....Americans have given these traitors to their oaths the power to screw them and gain for themselves. Prideful party faithfuls or racial preferences or selfish freebie takers covered their eyes and ears to the sound and shaking of our foundations as prosperous, free and secure Americans in the world. The gleeful, greedy, hypocritical, heartless politician fills his or her treasure chest at home while the citizen is used, forgotten, taken advantage of, and fooled. DC is filled with traitors, greedy, power-hungry traitors... to all of us. Lying comes off their tongues as easy as water off a fish. The sharks circle America and their appetites are never satisfied. It only wants more and more and better and better. And the sharks work together, the R's and the D's, to each have its own belly full. It is now TIME, to empty the pond of scum and snakes and crocodiles and sharks. If we don't, there will be no co-existent life in the pond called America.

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