Thursday, February 11, 2016


Some Thing's Need To Change In the Political arena of our Country !

Caroline Talley

Is sealing the border conservative?

Is ditching ObamaCare conservative?

Is deporting the criminal illegals conservative?

Is profiling and monitoring mosques to stop terrorism conservative?

Is getting better trade deals conservative?

Is not taking millions from the puppet masters conservative?

Is revamping the tax code conservative?

Is getting serious about ISIS conservative?

Is really reforming the Vets Admin conservative?

Is stopping 2nd amendment attacks conservative?

Is stopping liberal judges from getting appointed conservative?

Is spending tax money more wisely conservative?

Is stopping the quran cult invasion conservative?

Is rolling back the mass stopping of fetal heartbeats conservative?

Is giving up tens of millions in TV contracts to run for POTUS conservative?

Is having the best tax plan (Ludlow) conservative enough?

Is having a clear slogan “‪#‎MakeAMERICAGreatAgain‬” conservative?

Is speaking w/o prompters but from the heart in simple terms conservative?

Tell me then, what is conservative enough?

Go ahead, feed me baloney, feed me some personality or style crapola excuses. That takes nerve after OzBama The Lying Fraud and Ryan’s Budget cowardice!

Mr. Trump and We-The-People are TRYING to save a rotting nation!

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