Monday, February 8, 2016


Did God win?

When you made that choice, did God win?

When you made that choice about your words or your response to someone, did God win?

Or was it more important that you rose to the self-built platform and received your earthly trophy of dominance? 

When you were wronged, did you react in revenge for your own satisfaction or DID GOD WIN in your response? Was your response representative of a servant heart that glorifies God and gives Him the glory or did it elevate your own "high five" with yourself as the "winner?" 

Be careful. Your responses produce consequences. You may see yourself as "washed in the blood," but your choices as a human being in this fallen world STILL may lead you into your own sinful-natured way and away from God into the consequences of your choices. You are human. Your nature is still sinful. It is important to realize how easy it can be to make the SELF CHOICE AND FORGET GOD'S VOICE.
Does this stir up situations in your own life that bring to focus those you have hurt or wronged in revenge or anger or hurt? Are you remembering them and those things you said or that hurt them by your own choices toward them? Do you see the hurt you brought onto another by your own "hand?" Do not resist these truths about your own behavior and choices. Take them now to the altar of God in repentance. Carry them no more. Lay them there, as God calls you to do ....and go heal the wounds you left on another. First, as God says, go make your peace. Then He will accept your offerings to Him. You may have pushed these past actions or words out of your mind, but they have never left the weight of your soul. Carry them quickly to your Lord, repent of your actions that hurt another, heal the hurts on others, and seek His forgiveness and that of the ones you hurt. The one you hurt needs to hear of your forgiveness and be "washed" in your words of cleansing.

Rise up to another level of spiritual maturity in self-control and guarding your choices going forward.
Make the advancement of the Kingdom of God be the race you run. Let those around you, those you love, those who may be lost, or those who you feel have wronged you, always see the light of God in you in this "race journey" we have on this earth.  Before you react to another person, before you judge, before you seek to reject or rebuke, STOP, and make sure your reaction IS A WIN FOR GOD, NOT YOUR OWN TROPHY SHELF. 

Sound harsh? Understand. Your enemy the devil oozes his temptations into your heart and mind unceasingly. He never stops. He never sleeps. His only goal is for your destruction.... for your company with him in hell and away from your loving Father. Satan knows his destination. He'll do all he can to lure you into paths of anger, revenge, bitterness and hate. Once you walk away from God's Way, he'll suck out your whole soul and use you to hurt and destroy others. All Satan has is to steal your soul from God. All he needs is your spirit of light to go into the darkness with him. He seeks to shut off your light, your reflection of the light of God. 

Satan knows this oh so well.... Jesus has already won! Jesus is already victorious! Satan knows this. Satan knows his time is short. Resist the temptations to go down the road to destruction. Run the race for the Kingdom of God. Don't leave your Father's Word and Way, but when you do and recognize your fall, QUICKLY GO TO YOUR FATHER AND REPENT. Right the wrongs you may have done to another and grow in humility and service that pleases the Lord and advances His Kingdom on earth. 

Run the race for the Kingdom. You win when God is first place beside you.

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