Sunday, February 28, 2016

Daily Bread for Life...

 Some time in the 90s I visited a church that had 12 different versions of the Bible.
 I had my mother's Bible which was Authorized King James Version 1611. The pastor insisted that I use the new version because I am limiting God's Word. I told him it is my mother's Bible and I can't understand why i would be limiting God's Word. When I insisted on keeping my Bible he said it is heretical to defy authority because it is of God. I went home hurt and very puzzled.

 I had never heard of the word "heretical." I looked in the dictionary and it said "an opinion opposed to church doctrine...Denouncing the church." Well, I was more puzzled than ever because it was the only Bible we ever knew. I went to the Lord in prayer and the thought of the Scripture came into my head. 

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty...These are the inspired words that followed. How do you spell Liberty?. Lord help me understand. Help me spell it in a way that's clear to every man. Take it to our leaders to proclaim throughout the Land. How should we spell Liberty?

 Lord help US understand. L is for our only Lord. Besides Him there is none. I means, "in His image" He Created everyone. B stands for the Bible...For the Word of God made Flesh. E means every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. R means righteousness exalts a nation such as ours. T means teach what Jesus taught, for He has given power. Y is for each yearning heart that yields to God's command, to keep proclaiming Liberty throughout our troubled Land.

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