Saturday, February 27, 2016

China Doesn't Want Trump To Become President :


China Just Made a Massive Announcement About Donald Trump
Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has constantly attacked China on the campaign trail, stating the Asian nation has been manipulating currency and taking advantage of the very weak Obama administration.

Trump may have hit a nerve with the Chinese, because after his win in the Nevada primaries China warned the U.S. not to do anything with the economic situation between the two countries that could disrupt their relationship, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Chinese media have reportedly been ordered not to report much on the presidential elections, unless of course it’s something bad. Apparently China don’t want its people hearing that the U.S. is finally going to stand up to them.

“We are following with interest the U.S. presidential election.” said Hua Chunying, a foreign ministry spokeswoman. “But I want to stress that China and the U.S., as world’s largest developing and developed countries, shoulder major responsibilities in safeguarding world peace, stability and security and driving world development.”

“The sustained, sound and steady growth of China-U.S. relations serves the fundamental and long-term interests of the two countries and benefits the world. We hope and believe that the U.S. government will pursue a positive policy toward China in a responsible manner,” Chunynig added.

The U.S. also shoulders the responsibility for making sure that Americans are taken care of and no country tries to rig the international economic system by devaluing currency.

Trump has been warning about China for years, but his presidential campaign has given him a much larger platform from which to be heard. Note the date on the following tweet Below:

Donald J. Trump

China is not our friend. They are not our ally. They want to overtake us, and if we don’t get smart and tough soon, they will.
3:35 PM - 21 Feb 2013


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