Sunday, February 14, 2016


Did you hear the cracking sound last night? Did you feel the shifting under your feet?

Saturday, February 13th, 2016, we lost one of the pillars holding up the foundations of this nation. We lost a faithful defender of the Constitution and laws of the land of America for all.

Now, Scalia's passing opens another dungeon door for another demon to be released and placed in our government, this time the Supreme Court. Obama salivates in the power the CHANGERS will now gain with another one of his "soldiers" working for the agenda and no longer working for the nation of America, its Constitution, its laws, and the free citizens within. 

MANY WARNED THE VOTING AMERICAN SEVEN YEARS AGO OF THE RAMIFICATIONS OF ELECTING OBAMA AS PRESIDENT, PER HIS PAST HISTORY AND ALLEGIANCES. Americans were warned of the appointments he could make to ensure the agenda of CHANGE proceeded faster in our nation. 

Last night a big crack was made in America's future with this Supreme Court Justice's death. Last night the Republicans attended a debate so the American people could make an informed decision for the future of this nation, but instead we witnessed an alley brawl of "king of the hill." Now observing so many Republican voters tear one another apart over their "picks," and now watching the circus of a so-called "debate" last night, it should be clear why the Communists and Socialists have taken over power in this nation today. 

After observing the vile, heartless responses from the democratic supporters when a Conservative U.S. Supreme Court justice dies, you know this nation has sunk to vicious hate and division. After warning Americans 7 years ago of the dangers of electing a community organizer with a shady Un-American past for president of this land, we see the consequences of those who only voted party name or color of skin. What was produced was what was warned about, even promised by Obama's first Communist Czar, Van Jones, who said the fundamental change of America would come inside out and upside down.... turning Americans against one another using every group possible: race, economics, religion, nationality, party, gender, sexual preference, even law. 

Oh, Obama said many nice sounding words to deceive of a fundamental change for good. He made many promises of unity in America like never before. After 7 years, this country of citizens have been fed lies, hate and information that pits one group against another instead of holding individual people responsible for their own acts and decisions.
Our military is being disassembled, weakened and changed, while the world grows in mad power vowing to destroy us. Border laws and border agents are now ignoring the lawless invaders of all persuasions of haters of Americans. Our Constitutional laws and rights are being pushed aside by those who took oaths to preserve and protect them and SERVE US. The Un-American changers have infiltrated by deception, citizens are turning on one another, Congress allows a lawless president to dismantle our foundations, and in general, America has become the hornet's nest of chaos the deceivers have jabbed at for 7 years. 

And now, in Obama's last year, how "convenient" that a Constitutional, Conservative Justice passes away just in time, just before Obama must leave office enabling him to appoint another impostor and traitor on the Supreme Court. The LAWLESS are taking over positions that should keep law for all. INSTEAD, the American people got conned into thinking they were getting the "star of presidents" .... no, we got a meteor of destruction. BOOM. Disaster is all around, yet STILL the fooled and ignorant will not come to their senses for their own survival as free citizens, as a lawful nation, as protected and secure in the land. No, they are following their "get and stay in line" orders to defend anything and attack anyone who dare challenge their "party" EVEN WHILE their own clothes of foundational provision are burned on their own "free citizen" bodies.

Our demise is imminent as a law-abiding, civil, respecting nation of citizens. Our lawmakers are corrupt. Hate and division are tearing us apart. The evil ones are accomplishing their goals of destruction for each one of us. The fooled fed a beast. Now the country is being devoured. The foundation of America is cracking and the crevices of destruction grow deeper and deeper. They replace good with their demon destroyers. They weaken with their policies. They spilt us apart and into division and hate. 

If free citizens of America want to save themselves from lawless, corrupt impostors, the cement of unity and leaders who will lay down their lives as servants to the law and the people MUST BE MIXED, FORMED AND PLACED IN THE CREVICES OF THE VERY FOUNDATIONS THAT HAVE SUSTAINED AMERICA AS STRONG, LAWFUL, AND FREE. Our collapse is imminent unless we UNITE FOR OUR FUTURE IN AMERICA... uniting for the preservation of our Constitution, our laws, our freedoms as citizens.

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