Friday, January 22, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Stick A Fork In This Wretched Pig!. She's Done!!"


"Stick A Fork In This Wretched Pig!. She's Done!!" 

 When you are scandal ridden, looked upon as untrustworthy it is not advisable to run for the highest office in the land People want their Presidents to be principled and have integrity. This is something Hillary Clinton does not understand Having a strong sense of character and honor she surely does not possess Her apparent lust for power is so hard for dastardly Hillary to suppress Her indictment is imminent.

 For her immense problems she looks for others to blame. It's obvious for anyone to see Just hear her mutter to herself over and over, "It is all a damn conspiracy!!" More and more support is going to Bernie Sanders. He's the old, white version of The Barack Obama of 2008 It looks like the fat, thighed pig is doomed once again. Alas, it is her fate If she loses in Iowa and New Hampshire as many suspect she might what will she do?? 

They say she has a firewall in the South. It appears to be logical but is it true?? There's no doubt that the crusty, old Vermont Socialist has increasing support especially from the young. All of this must have Hillary so chagrined You can't help having a sense of utter joy as we see her twist slowly in the wind She hitches her wagon to the TYRANT but he holds off an endorsement. There's no love for her on his part and that is so apparent to see Both he and her are tied at the hip regarding that fateful night in Benghazi For the deaths of those four Americans these two will have to pay when all is said and done Both of these contemptible and reprehensible vermin deserve to be tried for TREASON!! .

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