Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Image About 27-Year Old Hillary Clinton EXPOSES Her In A HUGE WAY (LOOK)

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician who helped her husband lie his way into the White House. But did you know THIS??
Hillary Clinton was only in her 20s when she was learning just how a lack of ethics can be useful in politics. She was so ruthless at age 27 that even Democrats on the Nixon/Watergate investigation were uncomfortable with her lies.
She studied under radical organizer and communist Saul Alinsky, and now she is the leading Democrat candidate for President of the United States. How is this possible!?

Decades after this statement was made (above), Hillary Clinton has been busy transmitting top secret information over a home email server. Apparently, the more laws she breaks, the more Democrats end up loving her.

Please share this meme that exposes the 27-year old Hillary Clinton on Facebook and Twitter. She doesn’t deserve to be in the White House… She deserves to be in JAIL for a lifetime of crimes!

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