Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How Ted Cruz differs from Donald Trump on immigration

Cruz said he's tougher on immigration than Trump. 
Sen. Ted Cruz said Monday that he's tougher on immigration than Donald Trump.

Speaking with people after a campaign event in Boone, Iowa, the Texas Republican said in response to a question that he agrees with Trump's assertion that all undocumented immigrants should be deported.

"Absolutely, yes," he said. And then he went further.

"And in fact, look, there's a difference," he said, according to a video of the exchange first reported by BuzzFeed. "He’s advocated allowing folks to come back in and become citizens. I oppose that."

Cruz was asked by reporters at a campaign stop in Winterset, Iowa, later Monday if he thought there should be exceptions for deportations.

"I believe we should enforce the law," he said. "The law requires that anyone here illegally who is apprehended should be deported."

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