Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Letter To My Christian Friends

To my Christian friends , believers and knowers of God, we often pray to God when things are not going right, or when we need strength and help, when evil comes into our lives and suppresses and challenges our faith.

The next time you pray to God and you need something from God, and your asking God for help, go and stand in front of a mirror, because that mirror represents Stillwater, as in the phrase he leadeth me beside Still Water, and look in that mirror to what God has given you, to help you through your tribulations, he gave you a life form and he put you inside, you being your soul, he created that vehicle for you to use to do his will.

That's right that body that you are living in, that you reside in is the vehicle and tool that God has given you to accomplish all your task. Stillwater is the metaphor for a mirror , so that you can see the reflection of what God has giving you, the help that he is giving you, the tool the ways the means, I question myself ? what am I supposed to do with this tool, how am I my supposed to navigate life without causing harm to the innocent, to try to do right, to try to do good, to resist evil.

I hope you are in control of that tool God has giving you, I pray that you use it wisely, and not waste it on foolish things.
Imagine what you could do with a tool like this, imagine how difficult it would be not having this tool ! Share this with your friends, pass it along, because if we can put all these tools together there is nothing we cannot accomplish ! After all they were created by God.

              ‎Bill Sharpe

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