Saturday, December 12, 2015

Why Is Santa White? Who Cares?

By Mychal Massie

I am so tired of ignorant, monosomic cretins posing as the enlightened. The latest example of this imbecility comes by way of Curtis Sails III a teacher in Milwaukee who opined “Why is Santa always white?” I wish this person were in front of me so we could have this conversation mano y mano, but he isn’t, so I’ll truncate my thoughts to fit within my self-constrained space limits. I’ll respond to his insurmountable, jaundiced prejudice.

It seems that the fact that a young child who happened to be black not only wasn’t bothered in the least that Santa was white but also the little boy enjoyed his experience. Actually according to the Encyclopedia Britannica Santa is based on the traditions associated with St. Nicholas, a 4th century Christian saint. Maybe this is why Santa is white. But I digress. The little boy, much to the chagrin of Sails, smiled ear-to-ear and thoroughly enjoyed himself as he interacted with Santa.

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