Monday, December 21, 2015

The Dead Elephant Party,GOP Is Suicidal

Spending Bill Betrayal by Establishment Republicans Confirms Contempt for Base
The Dead Elephant Party appears intent on forcing the rest of us down its suicidal path.

“Senate Democrats on Friday boasted that they successfully managed to get just about everything they wanted in a massive spending and tax cut bill, despite being the minority party in both the House and Senate,” the Washington Examiner reported Friday. The total seeming abdication by majority Republicans on the omnibus spending bill has conservative voters wondering what difference it made entrusting the GOP with political power last November.

It also makes them wonder why Paul Ryan was crowned with the speakership, especially when warnings about his subversive positions on open borders pathway to citizenship immigration and the importation of Islamists of unknowable intent were clearly documented.

It’s hardly a surprise to find the bill was crafted in secret by a handful of elite congressional insiders taking their cues from lobbyists. Or that Obama called Ryan afterward to thank him.

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