Monday, December 28, 2015



"Trey, Say It Ain't So!!" 

 Trey Gowdy proves that he is mortal.

 His endorsement of Marco Rubio proves this is so Trey, it was very disappointing to learn of this. That really was not the way for you to go You could have had a position in the Administration of the DON. But now it will not be Did you read Trump's tweet. He is far from pleased. In fact he truly is unhappy I take it that you must be an open borders type of guy. At least this is the position of Rubio until we see him flip flop Marco is extremely unpredictable. His indecisiveness is hard for him to stop Maybe Rubio made you an offer that you simply could not refuse I didn't think you'd be for the DON.

 I thought you'd be supporting Ted Cruz Maybe we overestimated you. You haven't made much headway on the investigation of Benghazi In fact some say you were taken for one long ride from dastardly Hillary Your coming out for "No Show" Rubio will put you in good standing with the detested hated Establishment It won't do your future much good. Marco will never become President I know the DON thought very highly of you.

 He so wanted you as part of his administration He will now let loose a criticism or two. Those tweets of his will cause you much aggravation I really doubt the people of South Carolina will hold your endorsement of Rubio against you even though it was plenty dumb They probably are the same folks! who keep sending to DC that insufferable Lindsey Graham!

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