Saturday, December 19, 2015



"Look What They Have Done!" 

 There is such joy in the land of the 'Detestable Dems' the GOP has fully capitulated. On Paulie Ryan the cosmetically enhanced cretin named, Nancy, managed to cast an evil spell It forced poor little Paulie to pass an OMNIBUS Bill that will put our beloved America through hell The congress was again told that it must pass it before it could fully be read. 

Many members were concerned. Many wore a frown. This horrific bill had to pass quickly. They could not chance a government shutdown Everything regarding this OMNIBUS was handled in such secrecy. Much like the dreaded OBAMACARE These Dems were so cocky and defiant. 

In Paulie Ryan they put a scare With such huge majorities in both Houses of Congress the GOP acted like they were not in charge at all. How irritating this was to their base The RIGHT knew what was coming. Betrayal again would be taking place The two political parties have morphed into one. A case can be made that this happened long ago There's not a dime's worth of difference between them. 

That is something I surely know Our political system is broken. As we can see the will of the people is forever be thwarted Along with the illegal aliens in our country all of these wretched career politicians should be deported They have with malice aforethought destroyed a country that was the envy of the world It is so utterly heartbreaking to see what these politicians have done. All of the misery that they've been unfurled

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