Tuesday, December 22, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY Headline : "Matthews: Angry White Guys Want To Erase Obama From the History Books"


 "Matthews: Angry White Guys Want To Erase Obama From the History Books"

 I suppose you can call me an angry white guy. I am plenty angry about what's been going on This is what's been propelling Trump's candidacy. It's why we are all turning to the DON Hey, Chris, I know you would love to pull the race card. You so want to make this into a racial kind of thing This is all getting kind of tiring. Accusing us conservative white folk as racists is the stand by of the verminous Left Wing It's his policies, you ranting lunatic, that gets under our craw. 

Can't you get it through your dense, empty head??

 Seeing everything decent in this beloved country of ours being decimated gives us a feeling of deep dread Keep making excuses for this SOB who has made an art of the divide and conquer strategy Oh, and by the way, might I add I am plenty angry with this pathetic and cowardly GOP Don't you think that you should praise this Republican Party for bowing down to this tyrant you so love and granting him every wish he does desire We, angry white folk, excoriate them for their complicity.

 It is with Obama against the governed that they continually conspire Who the hell is trying to erase Obama from the history books? He will be in our history books, like it or not, for many generations to come It will be a history lesson for all to see what can happen to a country when people are uninformed and so very dumb


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