Monday, November 30, 2015

The Left: We truly are living in George Orwell World

Christianity, Western History Deemed “Incredibly Offensive” 

Our own heritage is considered to be “incredibly offensive” by the leftist ruling class:

A religious-freedom advocacy group has filed its second grievance in as many weeks with the Army, again demanding that imagery featuring a red crucifix be removed from Army signage — and this time, insisting the aviation unit involved change its logo and its nickname.

We truly are living in George Orwell World. By “religious-freedom advocacy,” they mean “devoted to the eradication of Christianity.”

The logo of Echo Company, 1st Battalion, 212th Aviation Regiment, based at Fort Rucker, Alabama, contains “blatantly unconstitutional Christian Crusader imagery” and should be discontinued immediately, Military Religious Freedom Foundation president and founder Mikey Weinstein wrote Monday in an email addressed to Maj. Gen. Michael Lundy, commanding general of Fort Rucker and the Army Aviation Center of Excellence.

Christian imagery is unconstitutional because of the First Amendment, which clearly states that Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Like I said: George Orwell World.

Weinstein, an Air Force Academy graduate whose MRFF claims more than 40,000 active-duty clients across the military, also demanded the unit cease using the name “Crusaders,” which he called “incredibly offensive and unconstitutional.” …

Weinstein’s letter to Lundy asks the general to launch “an aggressive investigation and insure visible and appropriate punishment for any and all individuals (including yourself) who are either directly or indirectly responsible for this unconstitutional injustice.”

Vindictive little rat, isn’t he?

If the name Mikey Weinstein is familiar, you may remember him from his various attempts to drive Christians out of the Armed Forces, and to punish those who remain. These efforts have been openly coordinated with the Obama Administration. He has targeted chaplains who take their religion too seriously for court martial, purged Air Force office décor of hated Christian references, and even killed an Air Force toys for needy tots program because it was sponsored by Christians.

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