Monday, November 16, 2015



 "When Will We Be Next??'

 Fellow patriots, on this day I can't help thinking how unsafe we all are. It is truly terrifying and I'm not ashamed to admit it I shudder to think what is going through that cretin's mind. Barack Obama is such a worthless piece of S##T No doubt there is one thing left in a long checklist of abuses and lawless behavior we have been witnessed to. What must be left for us to succumb? 

With his deliberate inaction to fight these Islamic radical savages it is only a matter of time before we are blown to kingdom come Just about everything this SOB has done has been met with such disapproval. How long have we clamored for him to be impeached. We have had years of hoping for his removal The insufferability of this man just knows no end. He is so utterly vile. That is some we should always remember He has the unmitigated gall to declare a Muslim Appreciation Month for December Words cannot describe the loathing we good law abiding citizens have for this man.

 It runs wide and very deep The savagery of ISIS is getting closer to our shore and he cares not to offend Muslims. This is a monstrous creep His unilateral actions that we despise is truly a radical's delight that has scared us half to death. His kind of Far Left agenda must be fought to the bitter end, to our last dying breath He is leading us to an annihilation that we have never seen heretofore It has got to be purposeful on his part. 

See all of the Syrian refugees that he will allow to come to our shore The Paris massacre that we have witnessed is a precursor to what will be The footsteps of ISIS we will soon hear. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind of the blood that will be shed before he leaves the Presidency?

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