Saturday, November 21, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "They All Gang Up On The DON!" or "Behold The Menagerie Of Fools!!"


 "They All Gang Up On The DON!" or "Behold The Menagerie Of Fools!!"

 They are at it again. They must stop Donald Trump. They try to pull out all the stops I speak of the 'Donor Class'. So hilarious are they. Just a bunch of Keystone Cops The GOP Establishment in its limited infinite wisdom try desperately to derail the DON. So scared are they of he The voters will not budge from their support of Trump.

 For him they want victory In an effort to destroy the DON two more consultants have been hired You would think by now the 'Stop Trump' movement would have expired So arrogant is this Republican Establishment they wish to see their voters stay home. Does that make sense? I scratch my head It's become clear why the GOP loses Presidential elections. The hierarchy is just brain dead Millions of dollars will be spent to stop Trump but in the end to no avail The Establishment will do as we expect. 

In the final analysis they will fail No matter. This is a stubborn bunch, Obama stubborn like. A slew of negative ads we will most likely see They are totally convinced if the DON is nominated the general election will be won by Hillary As we near the Iowa Caucus be prepared to see the launch of anti Donald Trump PACs It should faze the DON in the least. He will take to the social media to fight back against these vicious attacks The 'Donor Class' will be relentless. You see that they are a vicious sort You may ask what drives them against Trump? Very simply put, 'HE CANNOT BE BOUGHT!!" 

 The infusion of money has poisoned the body politic to a very large degree. That I am sure that you know Look what has happened to Paulie Ryan and that Marco Rubio They came to DC as Tea Partiers but how they have changed. So sad to say so They got totally corrupted by special interests and now each is a disgusting RINO The DON is his own man. His supporters see him as such. The man is tough as nails and let's face it. He is totally refreshing His opponents realize this. Deep down they all know that they're in for quite a thrashing The elites just don't get it. Their influence is gone. 

It is no more We can't take another Presidential loss. Out of the last 5 popular votes the GOP has lost 4! The Establishment lacks professionalism and class. They are to be despised. What more can one say?? They just won't accept what the voters want. They won't let them have their way Again and again they disparage their base. They think that of them as being so damn dumb Much of the base want Trump as the nominee. To the tricks and manipulation of the elites they will not succumb This should be all very troubling.

 Politics just keeps hitting a new low each and every time Political Consultants help drag it into the gutter. They are under performers and overpaid slime So watch these elites make fools of themselves as this 'anti Trump campaign hits a new escalation The sound you hear is the laughter of the DON. He'll be laughing his way to the nomination!!!!

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