Thursday, November 19, 2015



"The Paris Aftermath!" 

 A new poll shows the DON's lead is getting stronger since the Paris attack The voters come to realize more and more that Trump has their back Obama's press conference in Turkey just verified our President is out of his mind. Is it far fetched to think he's 'in bed' with the enemy? 

He is awash with stubbornness and petulance. To have us all killed is his real strategy We saw our President speak again in the Philippines. His rhetoric was even more divisive In doing what the people clearly don't want he appears so very decisive He persists in wanting to welcome all of the displaced Syrians to our wonderful land For certain there will be jihadists among them. Can he not understand? 

This is a President who loathes his country as unbelievable as that may sound No one in our glorious past have we had anyone like this in the White House. None can be found His tone has been so strident since this massacre has occurred. This most heinous, dastardly attack Hollande calls this for what it is. AN ACT OF WAR!! and for Obama it's just a mere setback! On foreign soil he cannot refrain from embarrassing our country. 

He continues to act so shamelessly He has far less anger for these ISIS savages than he has for the GOP Many in this country want a halt to his Syrian Immigration plan. It is creating a furor among our citizenry A House Bill is being proposed to insure more vetting in this Process. Obama threatens to veto it. Dysfunction is alive and well in DC More and more Governors refuse to accept these Syrians. Security is a deep concern for each of them Obama shows outrage for their action. 

He must have his way. This Syrian policy is something that we must condemn The Speaker of the House is holding firm for now. We applaud Ryan for how he does behave But if recent history has proven anything it is that the GOP succumbs to Obama. We all know that they will eventually cave How much of this can our America possibly take?? We have a President who is so deserving of loathing and an opposition party that we really cannot trust The body politic is worse than I have ever seen. It fills me as it should you with total disgust

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