Tuesday, November 24, 2015



"I'm Not Afraid!!"

 Barack is acting courageous. Has he finally grown a pair?? That, fellow patriots, is an impossibility He tells us that we should not be afraid of the barbaric scum he once referred to as the JV No matter the recent bloodshed we have recently seen he still feels he has ISIS contained He insists he does have a strategy. A strategy that he has not yet fully explained Let the displaced Syrians cross out borders is what we hear him say. 

It is his latest and curious stratagem But we are not to be concerned at all about the savage terrorists that could very well be among them? You might wonder if he is capable to show any anger or rage other than to his political opponents, the woeful GOP For them he has such endless hatred. He displays it on foreign soil. He acts so shamelessly The Democrats and the media help him spread the invective against the Republicans. 

It is disgusting and repulsive But their venom is far worse if you happen to be a Conservative In a world gone thoroughly mad we as a nation cannot unified and speak with one voice For when you are ruled by a tyrant you really have little choice This divide and conquer tactics he has perfected to an art. He has learned this so very well from his mentor, Saul Alinsky He will not relent until he destroys the America we so love. 

We see it done so overtly and blatantly Everything is seen through the prism of political correctness. It will be the death of us all It seems as if everyone is heeding the meaning of the Paris massacre. For our President it should be a wake up call Obama is less of a Commander and more of a slobbering egg headed Professor How he and the rest of the loony Left cannot say the words, 'ISLAMIC TERROR' The President cannot even agree with us on the most important issue of our time.

 How odd and very strange We see terrorism as our greatest threat. And for Obama?? It's climate change!!

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