Sunday, November 29, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Battered By Liberalism!" Behold 'Liberal Intolerance'!!


"Battered By Liberalism!" Behold 'Liberal Intolerance'!! 

It is on the rise in our beloved America Stamping out free speech is an essential and integral part of their agenda In a short time gay marriage has been accepted and marijuana has been legalized A black President has been elected and re elected. Next we may soon see in the Oval Office the First Woman, albeit one who is thoroughly despised We are seeing the revival of political correctness on our University campuses It is becoming for students the 'in thing' Woodrow Wilson was a racist. 

In Princeton they want his name removed everywhere. This is getting very troubling And what about Thomas Jefferson? Wasn't he a slave master? Let's remove his statues from William & Mary This whole damn PC is getting out of hand. It is very scary!! In this day and age everyone who is politically on the RIGHT is called so many names that end in the letters i-s-t The Left so enjoys scorning them. 

So intolerant are they of those who disagree The radicals in our institutions of higher learning are of a mindset that is becoming more and more dangerous. What to do? What to do? Dysfunctionality is so pervasive in our society. Things are getting rather askew Of course this all seemed to have started when Barack Hussein Obama took office. His radical past was glossed over by the mainstream press Conservative pundits tried to warn us about this dangerous demagogue. What they tried to say the media was able to suppress We will soon have eight years of his reign. 

The tenets of Saul Alinsky's 'RULES FOR RADICALS' has been inculcated in our America. Woe unto us all The decades of Exceptional-ism of this great country has been battered and assaulted by these ideologues. We in such a precipitous fall!!

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