Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 "And In HILLARYLAND....." 

 Hillary looks unstoppable but Bernie will not bow out. He is in it until the bitter end The Vermont Socialist is still drawing the young crowds. Bernie is their man. He is one that you cannot help but befriend Let's face it. Hillary is a cold hearted bitch. A political animal of many faces and all of them are no damn good She now is championing the cause of sexually abused women. She better have a talk with her hubby. He seems to always be in a state of wood Have you noticed that Hillary has her southern dialect perfected?? She uses it when she campaigns in the South I don't know which is more annoying. Is it that dialect or her cackling screeching??

 I wish she'd close her effing mouth Scandals follow her wherever she goes. The blood of Benghazi drips from her chubby fingers Hillary is a truly reprehensible human being. The thought of that stays with you. It lingers In this primary campaign she has lurched farther and farther Left. It will not do her any good in the general election We wonder who she will run against. That is certainly the million dollar question It is said that she fears not Donald Trump but is terrified by Marco Rubio They say that the contrast between the two is very striking. He exhibits youth and she is old and shop worn. 

They are right. It is so But an indictment of the dastardly one is a possibility. There are many who think this is possible and that she can be forced out of the race But who could step in to replace her? What do you think would take place? Don't be surprised if Obama runs again. Don't underestimate this narcissistic, petulant Muslim You don't really think that a little inconsequential thing like our Constitution will stop a monster like him The political world is in upheaval. The voters are seemingly restless. The pundits are totally confused The Democrats lack confidence. They're not happy with Hillary. 

They really are unenthused She has a 'dark side' so much like Dick Nixon. It is frightening and we know she has a very thin skin and is a holy terror She recently declared war on any comedians who dared to make fun of her I cannot fathom another Clinton Presidency. We cannot have it. It just cannot be Our country will have been through enough after eight years of unabashed tyranny You would think the Republicans will have an easy time beating this fat thighed pig. It should be a lock. A certainty But history does show that the GOP always find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

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