Monday, November 23, 2015



"A Few Thoughts....."

 I think it is pretty certain that voters have had enough. They really have come to the end of the line Their total disgust with politicians, particularly the GOP is apparent. These pols just lack a spine Donald Trump is resonating with voters no matter how questionable some of the things we hear him say It's political correctness and this dreaded mainstream media that we love to see him slay He may not be as glib as a Marco Rubio or as deeply Conservative as a Ted Cruz and it is very obvious he's not soft spoken as Ben Carson But the one thing that comes across and very strikingly is that the DON is the real deal.

 A genuine person You hear critics say he's a phony. Look at the liberalism he took to in his past. It's a point well taken that I do see But there are many examples we can cite of people that have had a political epiphany I'm sure that you as well as I have voted for many who run as a Conservative but turn out not to be so It leads to us being very cynical and cynicism is at an all time high. That is all I know I take the DON at his word.

 I'm convinced it's not a sham. He is disgusted as we by what he sees. Everything decent around us is crumbling Terrorism is staring us in the face and a President intentionally ignoring it or not gives us tremendous unease. It is oh so very troubling We are mocked by Obama for showing concern about each and every displaced Syrian refugee But it can't get through this tyrant's thick effing head America is concerned for its security Will it take another 9-11 to do the impossible? 

To actually unite our beloved country? With Barack Hussein Obama at the the helm the thought of our country coming together as one can never ever be!

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