Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Tired of weak Republicans who campaign as conservatives but vote like Democrats? WE NEED TO TAKE OUR PARTY BACK.  We need to elect real conservative leaders, not just campaigners with their side-show and scripted, nice sounding lines during campaigns.  Too many Americans make their choices based on who makes them feel good or gives the one liners that tell them what their "itching ears" want to hear. With their pockets full of donor money or their own, campaign ads are generated with the expertise of marketing experts to sway and swoon and grab the emotions.  They LEAVE OUT their real records and admissions of votes for bills they said they would fight. Time and time again, we have watched the Republicans, with the exception of a few brave souls, bow down to the wants of the democratic president and their party.

Why would a party that claims a different view give the democrats what they want time and again? They play the "fool the American" game of politics.  Some have deals that give them more wealth. Many give their donors their wishes. Some even cast a vote that will benefit a friend or family member in some way. They even work hardest to promote their "gang members" as their elections near, even having them cast "good" votes knowing full well the rest not up for election will make the votes for the real desired outcome.

When you allow the "club members" to be in seats of power decade after decade, the web of connections for personal gain covers the party and traps many.  Their pride overrides their conscience.  Their pride blinds them to the people back home and how it effects their lives. They become specialized players making decisions and choices that benefit the "club," and outside party members are empty vessels only swooned and "wined and dined" with a buffet of well calculated messages and promises that they never intend to fulfill.  The CLUB is first and foremost their anchor of self-advancement, power and wealth.

If WE are to be served by leaders who put us first, then we must elect people with proven histories of helping people, keeping law, exposing corruption, standing up for truth, and uniting for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its security, law, and sustainment. To attain this goal, WE must remove the club leaders and replace them with people who come from the bowls of daily living under their cold, dark hearts without conscience. And then we must replace them often, less they, too, become spiders in the web of deceit and power and wealth.

Democrats need to radically take their party back, too, but they've gone so far left and been so hypnotized to stroking and freebies and handouts and flatterings, and taught to dislike anyone who would offer another opinion or choice for the nation. The dividing leaders of their party have separated them out from their fellow citizens and mesmerized them to look at party leaders as elevated, idol stars. Dazed, just a little crumb dropped becomes gold if it was given by their dreamy leaders...... stars of the "faded"red, white and blue in their "shows" of power.

The trusting American makes choices based on WHO makes them feel "good," or on party name alone, and even some by the color of skin or gender.  Those choices are straws without foundation, without substance for giving individuals the job to represent their best interest in government workings. WHO ARE THEY? Have they been consistent in their former leadership roles?  Fair?  Truth tellers? Defenders of truth? Defenders of the Constitution that protects you from government rule and power over you? Have they lied to you?  Have people been hurt under their leadership? Are you more prosperous, have opportunities for advancement in your choices? ARE YOU STILL FREE TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES, TO SPEAK, TO BEAR ARMS, TO WORSHIP AS YOU CHOOSE?

Time is WAY PAST DUE to STOP ELEVATING these politicians like they are your Sugar Daddies or your saviors.  They are to be SERVANTS, HUMBLE SERVANTS who are grateful for your trust in them and who show you their gratitude every day they go into the chamber to work.... TO WORK FOR YOUR BENEFIT AND THE NATION'S BENEFIT ALONE.

As a living, legal, free citizen in America, YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS, DEFEND YOUR FREEDOMS AND SEND ANY ONE HOME who does not put YOU in front of all decisions and votes they will make. ANY ONE.  ANY PARTY.  ANY COLOR OF SKIN.  ANY GENDER.  ANY ONE.