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Daily Bites of “From Communism to Christ”: Bite#25,Leaving for New York Harbor

From Communism to Christ!

Introduction by Pearl L. Sturgis:

Written by Richard John Kahler, Second Lieutenant of the International Brigade:

Some time in the 90’s, I, Pearl Sturgis, attended a little church in Airville, Pennsylvania. I met this guy named Richard John Kahler. During our controversy with the church over the newer Bible translations we left the church and started our private Bible Study group in our homes. There were only 5 of us but we had strong convictions that we would not use the newer translations as we were very much attached to our old family Bibles of the Authorized King James Version of 1611. 

This happened around the same time that I discovered the truth about the Protestant Reformers and how in God’s Providence christians were led to America as they fled from religious persecution. The very reason they came to the new world was for freedom of worship.

They pursued the God given right to worship the Lord under the dictates of their own conscience. It was not to worship just any god but to worship the One and Only God and Savior who died for the whole world and to proclaim liberty for all the inhabitants thereof, as the Lord commanded in Leviticus 25:10 which is engraved on our Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to this day (June 2017). 

During our Bible Study Richard (Dick) Kahler gave all 5 of us a copy of his testimony which he had typed by hand and never published. I am so ashamed to say that I stuck this little 18 page booklet away in my book shelf and never read it until today, June 9,2017. There was so much going on at that time (1990’s) as we were building our house and starting our own Landscaping business. Eventually the little Bible Study group broke up and we moved to different churches. 

I heard Dick had died and I was invited to the service. I regret deeply that I did not attend. I never knew much about Dick until today after reading his remarkable testimony. I remember him telling the stories of how he was suppose to kill and bury the victims and instead he hid them. For some odd reason I didn’t have sense enough to pay attention back then. Now I will do the Daily Bits of his AMAZING testimony by submitting word for word the testimony of Lieutenant Richard John Kahler from Red Lion, Pennsylvania......”From Communism to Christ:” 

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Daily Bites of “From Communism to Christ” 
Bite#25,Leaving for New York Harbor:

When we left Olot we marched through the town with a local Band at the head of the procession. As we marched out to the railroad station I never knew the people thought so much of us. First the Spanish Army officials gave a speech. Then the mayor gave a speech and as we marched to the railroad station the people waved and wept. I do not now recall the place where we marched over into France but I do recall that we stopped at the last town in Spain before we went into France.

There the whole town turned out and the Army. Probably the mayor spoke while we were in the train. All at once there was a great commotion and we were told we were leaving at once. We arrived in France and was escorted into a large dining room. While we were eating we heard explosions and looking out the window we saw Fascist planes bombing that little town where they made the speeches. I know the bombs were meant for us. From the dining room we were put aboard a French train and we traveled about a day and a night stopping now and then.

People were giving sandwiches through the window. At last we stopped at Le Havre and we were going to come home on the Normande, the largest French Liner at that time. But the oilers were on strike so they took us from Le Havre to Cherbourg where they put us in a concentration camp till we could be shipped home. This was not like a prison. The accommodations were the best. We took a bath everyday and this place was on a hill so you could look on the sea and on the city. We could go into town as often as we wanted but the guard went with us. One guard could speak English and he told us the reason for the concentration camp and why the guard went with us to town. it was because we were not citizens and had no visas . A week later we boarded the S.S. Paris and five days after that we landed in the New York Harbor.
(to be continued) ....

(To be continued )
Daily Bites of “From Communism to Christ” 
My Personal Savior:
by Richard J. Kahler:
“From Communism to Christ” 

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To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of “From Communism to Christ”

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