Friday, February 5, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "The Case Against Marco Rubio - Take Three"


"The Case Against Marco Rubio - Take Three" 

 Rick Santorum endorses Marco Rubio. Hey, Rick, can you name a Rubio accomplishment in the Senate of his? Name just one It's kind of hard to accomplish anything if you're engaged in a full blown Presidential run I'm afraid that Santorum has slipped a notch or two in my eyes Rick embraces Rubio and its frankly to my surprise We know the Senate is the ultimate CLUB. 

They look out for each other But really, Rick, Rubio is to your liking? Your support is deserving of someone better. It's deserving of another We had another Senator who had no accomplishments and he unfortunately made his way to the Presidency We certainly don't need another. Haven't we suffered enough in our country?? The donor class has their man, their obsequious puppet. No doubt he will do their bid These damn career politicians follow in line. 

Of them all we must somehow get rid Didn't Santorum recently complain how he never gets to appear on FOX News? He made that very clear Santorum announces for Marco and on this Rubio loving cable outlet we see Rick suddenly appear Of course he did the Megyn Kelly Show. This would be journalist who we all know is a piece of dreck He followed that Trump and Palin hater sick bas***d who goes by the name of Glenn Beck Nothing really has changed. Politics is worse than ever. All the crap that goes on. 

It will not change. The operative word is NEVER The voting has hardly changed and we have dirty tricks pulled on Dr. Carson and that fat, no good for nothing Hillary takes Iowa with six coin flips The cynicism that pervades our country about the state of politics is very real. Our confidence in our political system forever slips Fellow patriots, these career politicians fool us with their double talk. 

The lies they spew makes me want to head to my barf bag. They have no trouble making it fill it to capacity Enough of the likes of a Marco Rubio and his ilk. Like the DON says we must run them all out of Washington, DC Will the people of New Hampshire be impressed by this flip flopping, no Show Senator Does he deserve their vote to be the GOP standard bearer because he can give speeches without the use of a cockamamie TelePrompTer His speeches are so canned and memorized fully but he is nothing but an empty suit who thinks he can bamboozle us This guy is the ultimate chameleon.

 Look beyond the razzle dazzle. Look behind that two faced smiling puss!

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