Friday, January 13, 2017


God warns you to be watching and discerning of false teachers and false teachings claiming to represent Him and His Word. 

The twisters and compromisers with the world and their idols are rampant, even in many "churches" today. Their flocks are being lured and influenced into false thinking and calling it "godly," and identifying themselves as "Christians."

YOU LIVE IN A FALLEN WORLD, PEOPLE. Many labeling themselves as "liberals and Christian" twist their message that if you love all, you must except all. THAT'S THE LIE.... THAT IS GUILTING YOU INTO ACCEPTING WHATEVER THEY CALL GOOD AND RIGHT. 

You live among fallen sinners in all walks of life capable of falling into the temptations STILL of the rebel of heaven, Satan, who began his twisted lies and temptations with Eve in the Garden of Eden. SATAN HAS NOT CHANGED, NOR HAVE HIS TACTICS AND DECEPTIONS ON YOUR HEART AND MIND.

So many today who call themselves Christians and are to follow God and His Word above all things and people are CHANGING GOD'S COMMANDS, USING THE CHANGES AND CALLING THEM GOD'S, GUILTING CHRISTIANS INTO THEIR KIND OF "godly love" THAT THEY SAY IS REAL AND TRUE AND MUST BE OBEYED TO FIT THEIR NARRATIVE. 

This is why God tells us to know His Word, be discerning of the voices of the world with His Word, and know the tricks and works of Satan. GOD SAYS BEWARE THE DECEIVERS COMING TO YOU AS SHEEP BUT IN WOLVES CLOTHING. THEY ARE MANY AND HAVE INFILTRATED EVERY FACET OF OUR SOCIETY TODAY. 

The road is narrow for the obedient of God and wide for the changers. IT IS UP TO YOU TO CHOOSE THE PATH OF YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE FREE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE. The CONSEQUENCES are real with current and eternal outcomes. 

You don't get to change God's commands, live by the world's changed message, and expect to receive God's blessings. YOUR INDIVIDUAL CHOICE OF WHO TO FOLLOW WILL REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN. YOU OWN IT. You will stand before the seat of Christ and own it all. Your eternal accountability is coming before the King of kings. 

CHOOSE WISELY.  This spiritual war for your soul is real, ongoing, relentless and EVIL.

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