Friday, January 20, 2017

Judge Jeanine NUKES Hollywood Liberals In BRILLIANT Video Message

WATCH – Judge Jeanine NUKES Hollywood Liberals In BRILLIANT Video Message 

Five days from now America is going to swear in a new president. Some Liberals are still refusing to accept him as president. Judge Jeanine had a few things to say about that.

“From the liberal D.C. politicians to the liberals in Hollywood – my message – actually America’s message – is the same. You lost. We won. Swallow your pride. Get in line.” At this point, Judge Jeanine, and every other conservative, is beginning to think the liberals are in need of a swift kick in the pants.

Immediately after his win, the liberals began to harass and undermine the Trump family. When the Trumps were still out at 3 A.M., after all of the votes had finally been cast, Rosie O’Donnell had the nerve to actually accuse little Barron Trump of being autistic!

The protests continued from there and morphed into a ridiculous recount demand. When that failed, the liberals attempted to get enough faithless electors to defect to Hillary Clinton to make her the winner. They failed.

Still, Congressman John Lewis and many others simply cannot accept Donald Trump as a legitimate president. It doesn’t matter to them that he is won an overwhelming majority in the electoral college.

All the liberals can see is the fact that Hillary Clinton won in the popular vote. They do not care one iota about the fact that the only reason Clinton won that mark is because of California and New York. Clinton received 4.5 million of the vote in New York to Trump’s 2.8 million. However, Trump did surprisingly well in upstate New York.

The picture is the same in California, where, even though Clinton won in a landslide with 8.7 million votes to Trump’s 4.8 million, Trump still did well in the rural Del Norte county with the folks in Crescent City.

I hate to break it to liberals, but Clinton did not make the sale to rural voters. Because of that, she simply did not earn the right to become President of the United States. The electoral college was designed so that presidential candidates have to win over both rural and urban voters, and people from even less populated states.

So for all of this hullabaloo about Donald Trump not being a legitimate president, had there been a coup among the electors then Hillary, not Donald, would have been an illegitimate president.

For the good of the country, it is time for liberals to stop whining about their loss. They need to accept the fact that Clinton just didn’t appeal to enough people to win the election.

They need to realize that this has been one of her fatal flaws throughout her life. She just doesn’t have the “it” factor that so many candidates need in order to win all of the marbles. That and most people did not want the most corrupt politician in history to become the next president. So, like Judge Jeanine says, it’s time to fall in line.

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