Friday, January 20, 2017

BRUTAL: What Trump Just Released on Obama is Going Viral

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, you have to admit, he used social media to his advantage like nobody in the history of politics.

Early in the campaign, Trump took a massive shot at Obama via Instagram which may have ended the race before it ever really got started…

BRUTAL: What Trump Just Released on Obama is Going Viral
I don’t think I have ever seen a President using the office of POTUS to increase his “rock star” status like Obama has, but that seems to be his only real concern, because it obviously is not the welfare of the American people.

We have homeless vets, families that cannot put food on the table, record bankruptcies, home foreclosures, terrorists invading our country, and his final words of 2015 were, “Okay everybody, I have to get to Star Wars.”

In reality, though, I don’t know why anyone was really surprised.

Obama has become known for being on the golf course during some of the critical periods of his presidency. If there was a crisis and he wasn’t on the course, he was on vacation somewhere, all but refusing to interrupt his personal time for that of the We the People.

Now, that post was made over a year ago by Trump, but it managed to wake people up about the ineffectiveness of the Democrats in their leadership role. While Obama thought he was being funny, there were some very real issues going on that people wanted answers about!

As you may recall, during this time, there were heightened ISIS threats, as well as the ongoing economic problems, yet his concern was getting to the movies so as not to miss the hot new release.

After this post went viral, Trump continued to use social media to circumvent the mainstream media and the rest is history. He spent less and did more to win over the people than any candidate in recent history.

He literally created a movement with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He took his message to the people via the outlets they used the most. He was actually catering to the people of this country rather than forcing his message on outdated outlets.

And the Dems never even knew what hit them.

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