Sunday, November 6, 2016

This is what it's all about!: Mr. Trump is right...

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Posted by Thomas Ash

This is what it's all about! Mr. Trump is right, we are at a crossroads in American history. The choice is yours, one path is that of continued corrupt government serving 1% special interests and global elitists and the other path leads us back to our founding roots based on the constitution which puts an end to the crony capitalism and begins serving 'We The People' again and Putting Americans First.

It is the most clear choice you'll ever have in your life. Don't blow it.


 Posted by Linda Rasmussen


Why did Killary find it necessary to send a classified document to Chelsea, when Chelsea does not have security clearance? The document today has been redacted in many areas. Did Chelsea know something about the document that would lead to Pay for Play? That would be the only reason Killary would need to show her daughter classified information. For Killary to do such a thing is highly illegal. Why is she still running for president?



Why Would Any American Vote for Hillary Clinton?

It is understandable why people who are dependent on the system because they can’t support themselves due to lack of work or people who are milking the system for whatever reason. There are people who vote based on one issue they are passionate about.

So why would the average American vote for her?

She has lost 6 billion dollars in as Secretary of State. Just gone.
She denied security to the Mission in Benghazi resulting in 4 Americans dying
She has accepted billions through her corrupt Clinton Foundation and while Secretary of State.
She is now a known pedophilia, which means she would rape and torture your little girl
She has ties to Satanism.
She and Obama created ISIS and they are funding and providing weapons, which is treason.
She is under federal and NY state investigations they plan to indict her.
She is going to be removed if she wins with a coup.
She will bring 550,000 more non-vetted refugees from places like Syria.
She is surrounded by 114 suspicious deaths
She has lied under oath to Congress, to the American people, and the Benghazi family members
She stole $200,000 worth of furnishing from the White House and was forced to return them.
She is terribly ill and lies about it
She does not support our local and state police. She hates Christians

She will start wars
She has no respect for our military
She will adhere to the destructive policies that Obama started
She will raise taxes on middle class Americans
She will continue to fund and arm ISIS
She has no sense when it comes to national security or classified information
She will steal our tax dollars and illegally gained money from whatever she can
She kept the relief money after a horribly devastating earthquake in Haiti,
She put all her emails on a private server without any regard for national security
She and her buddy George Soros has rigged the election and has no regard for what Americans want.
She hired Huma Abedin as her assistance and never vetted her. She is tied to radical Islam.
She wants to take our rights away like second Amendment and freedom of speak
She will continue Common Core, Obamacare, and the horrible trade deals
She will not build a wall for our protection
She considers conservatives as deplorable and has no tolerance for what Conservatives want
She will continue to fund Planned Parenthood and supports killing babies to full term
She is a globalist and supports the United Nations Agenda 21, which includes mass genocide
She is even faking her own rallies to make it look like more people are there

The list goes on, on and on. It could easily be doubled in number of reasons. Every reason to not vote for Hillary Clinton can easily be back up. Why would anyone want a President like this? Instead of looking at fact checkers like Snopes, who are lying, read some articles, watch some news sources about why to not vote for her. Sure there is a lot of disinformation on the Internet but check the sources to make sure they are reliable. Our country is going down fast and Hillary will finish America for good. Knowing this why would anyone vote for her?

By Sharon White


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