Tuesday, October 11, 2016



YOUR CHILDREN CAN DO MANY KIND ACTS AND DEEDS IN THIS WORLD, BUT IF THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS ARE NOT LED TO BE WITH THE LORD, TO ACCEPT JESUS AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR, TO LOVE HIM AND SEEK TO SERVE HIM IN THEIR LIVING, then acts may be good, but CHILDREN are left vulnerable to the deceptions, lies, and false lights of the world that NEVER WILL STOP TRYING TO STEAL THEIR SOULS. Satan will have them glorify their works, and not the Lord. Satan will have them serve themselves, not the Lord. Satan will have them elevate themselves by their works, not glorify God in their works and choices and decisions. 

If parents teach their children from the Bible and the Words of Jesus, and their children apply those lessons in their lives, they will live in the love of Christ and serve God and His kingdom by these fruits and the Fruits of The Spirit. 

This is the foundational block for life: Living with Christ. Living in Christ and Christ in you. 

The world works to divert us, especially our children, from that focus on God, on the Solid Rock, on the Rock of Ages, on the Firm Foundations of God in all we do, say, think, spend our time with. I've known many people with a wall lined in degrees, presentations, awards, trophys and recognitions whose hearts were never filled with the Lord and whose lives are lived for attention, fame, recognition, wealth, power and self-serving pursuits. 

Sad and lost souls think themselves "free" and elevated, fooled by Satan's charms who really has them chained to the root of evil, not grounded in Christ where the soul is on a firm foundation in this wicked, evil place ruled by the prince of darkness. These masses of his taken souls are being used to steal away more souls by the deceptions Satan places in lives every second of every day. He knows every vulnerability and will sneak into that crack and consume hearts and minds if you do not guard your heart and put on the full armor of God. 

Many are being fooled and taken today by voices of authority who are growing in positions of influence. Given power by deception and those who stepped off the foundational Word of God, they have a stronghold and are raging their spiritual battles on souls now in America, especially our children. 

Our children are being exposed to so many forces of evil today in our schools, colleges, universities, TV shows, movies, music, and the voices of those in public who feed their evil into their hearts and minds and call it "good."  They are being pulled into the mind and heart traps of Satan every day, and Satan uses voices to make people feel "guilty" if all are not "tolerated."  WELL, WHAT DOES GOD SAY?  WHAT DOES GOD SAY TO ACCEPT?  TO REBUKE AND REJECT? WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT WARNING OTHERS OF THE DECEIVERS AND FALSE LIGHTS?  WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT HOW YOU ARE TO RAISE YOUR CHILDREN?  WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT SHARING HIS WORD TO OTHERS?  WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT COMPROMISING HIS WORD WITH THE WORLD? WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT "LUKEWARMNESS?"  HE WILL VOMIT YOU OUT OF HIS MOUTH.

God gave parents clear instructions on how to raise HIS CHILDREN: IN THE WAY OF THE LORD AND THE TRUTHS OF GOD'S WORD.  Parents, you will be held accountable to the King of kings one day on your obedience or disobedience to Him.  To those who are in positions of great influence over others, especially children, GOD HOLDS THEM MORE ACCOUNTABLE THAN MOST.  This is His Word and warning to you.    

We need to remember that Jesus is coming any moment. How will he find us??? Compromised to the voices of the world? Silent when evil rises and consumes our children, family members, churches, schools, neighbor's, friends, government, media, courts? Prideful in ourselves and our lukewarm faith that falters in the storms and battles all before us? Afraid to warn others in harm's way so we don't offend them but don't care enough to obey God's Word to warn others in love? Satan will have you care more about your popularity, world comfort, and not making waves to offend others while your decisions slander the Word God has for you and your life now. 

Examine your time, your choices, your decisions today. NOW. The Lord is returning. Where will he find you standing, with the world or firm with HIM and His Word? ARE YOU DIRECTING YOUR CHILDREN IN THE WAYS THEY SHOULD GO AND DEFENDING THEM AGAINST VOICES THAT WORK TO TAKE THEIR SOULS TO HELL WITH THEM?  It matters, for your eternal election date is near.

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