Monday, August 15, 2016

What's on my mind? : Communistic Bank Control Of Your Money

What's on my mind?

Guess what the communistic Bank control of your money,,, hot shots are doing now? Preying on widows who have their name on their husband's account being closed down in 60 days if they don't take their husband's name off the account. Listen to this ironic deception. A letter comes in the mail in your dead husband's name and since you are his widow you feel you have a right to open the mail since you are his legal heir. The letter plainly states for my dead husband to go in and take his name off the bank account which his widow inherited and is also co owner in case of future things that are monetary as of assets and liabilities unforeseen. Here is my testimony of what happened immediately after my husband died leaving me no time to even grieve. They immediately wanted the tags off his work vehicle. All the debts became due at once and were on my shoulders to pay at once. My land was trying to be confiscated for inheritance tax. Both our social security checks stopped and if not for my family and my representative (local) I would have lost everything. For 5 months straight my local Representative Steven Pugh fought for me to keep my land and get my social Security going again, Everything has been fine until now when they say they want every widow to take their late husband's name off of their joint account. I called the banks and the local and federal Representatives. I told them I want all taxes dropped for widows on Social Security who paid a life time and now it is for retirement. Time for a tea party again. Other widows better call your Representative now. Straight to Federal or you may lose your social security and any inheritance from your husband,.. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


I have 60 days to fight this and have no idea who to fight?

This has to do with Land inherited and a living will already set up and we spent a long time getting it prepared for my kids in case anything happened to me and it would cost hundreds and more headaches to change it again just because they want it changed.

The government (Big Banks) not my kids.

Millions of widows and not just me signed .

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