Monday, August 15, 2016

Media Bias‏

by Bernard J. Byrne

It's  sad and disheartening, the way the Mainstream media shows such outright bias in favor of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in this presidential race.

Mr. Trump says if elected President, do to the fact that ISIS has publicly stated that they will infiltrate terrorists in with all those immigrants going to the United States, that he will issue a ban on all Muslims immigrating to the United States until they can be properly vetted. 

 The Democrats and the Main Stream Media jump all over this and declare Trump a racist. The Democrats showcase a Gold Star father and mother whose son was killed in action. They are Muslim and the father attacks Mr. Trump bitterly in his speech for his views on Muslim immigration. The Media and the Democrats immediately attack Mr. Trump for being disrespectful to an American hero , who died fighting for his country. They blast their headlines all over the Media, calling on Republican leaders to denounce Mr. Trump.

Let's look at the facts, All of America's Intelligence and Security Chiefs have publicly stated they believe ISIS terrorists will be infiltrated with Muslims and other immigrants from the Middle East and other areas of the world. Shouldn't all Americans want these immigrants to be vetted? Should we wait until there are mass killings by those terrorists? 
Mr. Trump thinks not. Mr. Trump said he was grateful for the sacrifice the Muslim soldier had made for his country. He in no way disparaged his service. 

Democratic Senator Reid said the Republican leaders were cowards if they did not revoke their endorsement of Trump. This is the same Democratic leader who killed the Republican bill that would help contain the Tika virus because it did not contain more tax dollars for planned parenthood. Now that the Tika Virus has spread to Florida, Senator Reid is demanding that Congress come back to Washington and pass a Tika bill. Not a word from the Media about Reid's back flip or his feigned late concern.

 And how about how Pat Smith, mother of slain navy seal, Sean Smith who was murdered in the Benghazi attack. Hillary Clinton told Pat Smith that the attack was caused by some anti-Muslim video, though Hillary knew this was untrue. She told Pat that she would get back to her, which she never has in almost four years since the attack. Where is the Media outrage at Hillary's lies and disrespect of those fallen heroes at Benghazi?  Where is their call to Democratic leaders to denounce Hillary?

Hillary Clinton can lie under oath to a Congressional committee, lie in front of news cameras to the American people, lie to F.B.I. agents during a criminal investigation of herself, and be immune to any investigation or questions to her about these matters from the Main Stream Media. 

 It seems Donald Trump has only to look crossed eyed and he will be viciously attacked by the same Main Stream Media that is so eager to always give Hillary and the Democrats a free pass. 

 Hacked e-mails show that the Democratic race for their Presidential nomination was rigged in Hillary's favor from the very beginning. Has anyone heard of any questions from the press to Hillary inquiring if she was also involved in this fix? The head of the DNC was forced to resign but was immediately hired by Hillary's campaign. What does that speak to? Apparently nothing according to the response of the Main Stream Media.

Bernard J. Byrne is a resident of Doylestown Township in Central Bucks County, Pa.

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