Thursday, April 7, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...4/07/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Four Diamonds is a charity organization conquering children’s cancer.

It is to help bear the financial burdens of families with children who have cancer. It was named in memory of Chris Millard who wrote his story titled “Four Diamonds.” “searching for the four diamonds of courage, wisdom, honesty and strength. Now there is a little boy named Trey who was diagnosed with leukemia just 2 weeks after his 3rd Birthday.

After his two year ordeal Trey is now a thriving five year old. Every year there is a marathon called “Children’s Miracle Network. Gifts to Four Diamonds allow the organization to pay for any expense for cancer treatment, including counselling which gives courage, strength, wisdom and honesty. Gifts of any and every size matters.

Contributions from new Four Diamond supporters made between now and May 23,2016 will be matched one on one up to a total of $40,000 by Penn State Hospital,,, with Gratitude. Barbara Miller MD, Chief Division of Pediatric and Hematology and oncology: 

Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 90 Hope Drive, A120, PO Box 852, Hershey, PA 17033-0852

Pearl’s Poems:
Here Beside Him

Here Beside Him.... My path seems dark and lonely and my heart feels sad and blue...But I trust my Savior always. For He’s always pulled me through. Let the whole world now deny it. Still, I know God leads the way. I will stay right here beside Him till I reach a brighter day.

I wrote this poem on May 7,2010. right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was treated at Apple Hill Medical center in York and am now clear for 5 years.

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