Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wisconsin Republicans sent the Nation a Clear Message Tuesday Night ....

The voters have spoken: Never Trump.

The voters have spoken: Never Trump.

Wisconsin Republicans sent the nation a clear message Tuesday night in the drubbing they dealt the bilious billionaire. Republicans, and Americans, are better than Donald Trump.

The message goes well beyond the 13-point primary victory over Trump by Ted Cruz, himself a less-than-ideal candidate for Republicans. Not only did 65 percent of Republicans vote for somebody other than Trump, but 4 in 10 said they never would vote for him: They’ll vote for a third-party candidate, support Hillary Clinton or stay home in November if Trump is the nominee. Thirty-five percent of Republicans said they’d actually be scared about what Trump might do as president, and an additional 20 percent colored themselves concerned.

Wisconsin confirms what voters elsewhere have decided about Trump. He has won only 37 percent of Republican votes nationwide, and he hasn’t gotten an outright majority in a single contest, even as the field has shrunk. Take away some Southern states where Trump did particularly well and his share of the vote is even punier.

I’m not joining the parlor game of predicting whether Trump can get enough delegates to secure the nomination or can prevail at the convention if he doesn’t. In a sense, it doesn’t matter. We already know for certain — and American allies around the world should recognize this, too — that the majority of Republican voters, like the vast majority of Americans, want nothing to do with Trump.

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