Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump vs. the Lilliputians

The panic is at near fever pitch. The organized left’s violent anti-Trump riot in Chicago and other venues is a mere foretaste of what’s in store after Florida’s Republican primary on Tuesday reduces establishment darling Marco Rubio to the status of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – a man rejected by the voters of his own party.

On Wednesday morning, few obstacles will stand between Donald J. Trump and the Republican presidential nomination.

Many of Chicago’s 2,500 anti-Trump protesters – organized by –hailed from the University of Illinois at Chicago, which is odd considering that on today’s college campuses, sensitive students shy away from confronting the smallest “microaggressions.”

A website designed to help soothe the word-wounded whippersnappers says they hope to make “visible the ways in which social difference is produced and policed in everyday lives through comments of people around you.”

In other words, the movement is dedicated to shutting up anyone its adherents believe “embody privilege” and whose words challenge their comfortably wrong-headed assumptions, or the insufferable bores that attempt to highjack political forums in an effort to force-feed unsuspecting audience members the kind of drivel no one would bother leaving their home-bound easy chairs to hear – Black Lives Matter.

Trump, free speech and Chicago

Paul Begala, the Democratic political consultant who helped elect President Bill Clinton in 1992, fears his party’s presidential choices – a Wall Street-connected political hack and an out-of-ideas, burned-out socialist – has created an enthusiasm gap among Democratic voters.

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