Monday, March 7, 2016


From A concerned citizen

We don't need another Peter Pan leading our country whose ideology is not solidly fixed on We the People

From A concerned citizen 

Oh I hear ya my Friends! But again, his stand on eminent domain and universal healthcare makes me wonder if he really means those words or will say anything to win.

 He talks against big corporations....but Donald is a big corporation himself.

 I have as many red flags on what his true ideology as I did on Obama's ideology. And I questioned Hillary's ideology back then, but Obama gave me even bigger red flags. So does Trump! 

His ties to the Clinton Foundation tells me he is no different than any other big corporation for quid pro quos. Sorry, My Friends, but I just feel no trust for Trump. NONE! 

My researching him ,reading many articles of his not so distant past before he decided to run for president just raises too many concerns of having him for my president....that he is maybe part of the Illuminati. He says he wants the U.S. basically a sovereign nation, yet I read his push for making money consumes him, that to him that's the sign he is a man, not based on good solid principles at all, well, principles of making money he has, for wealth, but I want less government, not more, and his eminent domain for government and socialized medicine plans make me feel ill at ease.....very ill at ease. If he wins,

I pray he proves me wrong.

But I believe within all my heart that Donald cares most about Donald in the end, and also even more that he doesn't really rely on God, but solely on Donald, the way he brags about himself and all. And God wants us to have a man who looks to Him, not self. That is not Donald. And that above all else tells me that just like Obama, Donald will serve Donald in the end more than serve the people of the U.S. THat's what I see.... a Peter Pan and we already had one leading our country now for 7 years. 

We don't need another Peter Pan leading our country whose ideology is not solidly fixed on We the People.....even though he talks the talk, I don't think he knows how to walk the walk because I don't think the walk is in him! And I guess I shouldn't apologize for my stand either because I've had many cases where I had uneasy feelings about people, like about 3 assistants who were hired in the office I worked in....and eventually they showed their true colors, what I saw from when we interviewed them by reading past what they said. One was so intelligent, but she was all about self...about wanting all to just be so in love with her that she did all she could to cause animosity between the other assistants.... and finally the rest of them started to see it.

I just said my piece before she was hired, as we all have that chance to tell what we think about them....and months later she proved me right. Same with one that is still working there....caused so many problems, pretended she was higher up than my boss who worked for the President & CEO and ran the office whereas she worked for the Chief Nurse Executive and Chief Finance Officer and I'd hear her explain to people on the phone or an occasional visitor to the office that she could help them because of her "status" she gave to herself.

Eventually others saw that she was backstabbing my boss in the back, trying to convince others high up that my boss was inept and she was so great. It was like high school all over again. There were 2 more, both temporaries, whom I did not wearing an Obama pin on her coat in 2008 as did her husband, and here she was stealing gift cards and also meal cards so her husband and 4 little boys could eat lunch with her about 2 times a week.

Long story on her, but she got fired. Another employee stole money from an employee assistance program at work that the committee they put her on early in her beginning of working in our office, given the power to put money into the EAP checking account at the bank.....which she "accidentally" was putting that money into her own account regularly, but managed to put some into the EAP account, too, but it was all an "accident." 

Buy I said how can she make a deposit on the same day into both accounts by accident instead of 1 big deposit into the EAP account. I know I am not always right, but I"d say 9 of 10 people I find giving me red flags deserved them. And I saw it in B. Clinton, then H. Clinton, the John Kerry when he was running and Al Gore, and then Obama. Now I see BIG red flags on Trump, too. He saw that enough people were stupid enough to vote for Obama twice because of the many promises he could not keep, and I see that in Trump. By the way, I'm still trying to figure out how Trump can build a fence on the border and make Mexico pay for it. ?? 

Nobody asks him questions I am thinking, but it'd be interesting to know how he's going to do half the stuff he plans to do.....especially without cutting taxes. We've been promised too many times that waste would be eliminated, but it never is. I don't think he can do all this stuff without either eliminating ridiculous wasteful spending or raising taxes or taking us further into debt.

 Sorry I went so long on this, but my gut and my heart just cannot trust this man who above all else claims to be a Christian, yet never indicates one ounce of relying on God for guidance ever in his life. I heard him say one time that he believes there is a God.....but that's not enough for me

Satan also believes and KNOWS God is real, but we know what that relationship is. With so many leaning towards Trump, including Evangelicals and other Christians as well as some conservatives, I pray that this is that 1 out of 10 that my red flags are wrong!

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