Tuesday, February 2, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : The voters in Iowa have spoken. Senator Cruz is the one they chose


 The voters in Iowa have spoken. Senator Cruz is the one they chose. 

Congratulations should be given to Ted I am sure FOX News is happy about Rubio's showing. But let me say this to them about the DON. He is far from dead I listened to his gracious speech. He was magnanimous in his defeat. A win would certainly have quenched his thirst For as we all now Mr. Donald Trump is used to always coming in first But, alas, this night was not to be. No spinning will come from yours truly. 

This is something I want you to know It's safe to say that most who support the DON would find Cruz acceptable but certainly not Marco Rubio He keeps falsely touting his conservative credentials. We all know it's pure deceit He is the Establishment's 'water boy' and my distrust of him is deep and complete He did come close to DON which I found quite startling.

 It was troubling Having him as the GOP's standard bearer would be a terrible thing Rubio is the ultimate insider and we all know he'll do the Estsblishment's bidding I am dead serious about this. This is time for straight talk. Believe me when I say that I'm not kidding There is no doubt that in the next few days the media and the pundits will try and bury Trump.

 His fall in Iowa they will relish and predict his demise. Be prepared for attack after attack This is far from over. For the DON this is just a mere temporary setback!

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