Tuesday, February 2, 2016



 Give the DON credit. 

At least he didn't yell and scream like that nut job, Howard Dean, did in Iowa eight years ago He was humbled last night. Trump was gracious but still very confident. There was very little braggadocio His loss had nothing to do with his missing the debate. Cruz had a very good ground game Ted kept invoking the Good Lord in his speeches. In this state of evangelicals it is wise to keep mentioning God's name The participation in this caucus was the best it has ever been as the polls projected Marco Rubio did extremely well. 

They said he was on the move but still his strong showing was unexpected No doubt that the hated Establishment will rally around the Florida Senator. Hey, Jeb, I think it is time to say goodbye You couldn't topple Marco. Please preserve your dignity. They'll be no Bush dynasty. You can hear few people sigh The New York newspapers had a field day. Oh how they are giving it to Trump. Methinks that to bury him is quite absurd but they are doing it anyway They are a bunch of fools filled with hate for the DON.

 Who gives a you know what? Let them have their say New Hampshire comes next where the DON has a big lead. The strategy for Marco is to come in at least second place The Independents are allowed to vote. This will help DON win this race The field will winnow down further. Mike Huckabee has called it quits. 

Others will no doubt be dropping out There's a long way to go. Iowa has set the stage for New Hampshire. It will be a fierce bout There must be concern about Rubio. He is the ultimate 'sheep in wolf's clothing' He is a very smooth speaker. He has a history of 'flip flopper'. Marco is not very trusting The illegal immigration issue is what concerns the voters and for Trump it is still the centerpiece of his campaign. We know where stands.

 It is the issue we see him embrace With the others it is not quite so. As the debates showed they are all over the place So it is onto New Hampshire. A week from now Iowa will be old news I expect we will see a resurgence from Trump. I doubt that he will lose!

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