Friday, November 13, 2015

Terror in Paris

                                    French security moves people in the area of Rue Bichat in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital Paris following a string of attacks on November 13, 2015. (KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP/Getty Images)

    Today Paris fell victim once again to the violence that has become never ending with Islam. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families tonight and over the next few weeks and months as the citizens of France and all of those who where effected in today's attacks try to heal. The terrorist cling to their ideology and use it as a weapon of war against innocent lives. It doesn't matter if you are, Christian, Hindu, or Jewish or any other religion, these criminals are bringing war to our cities and our streets and today was Paris. Where is it tomorrow? The day after? The next few days, weeks, months, years? When will it stop?  

  This has gone too far and our elected leader has no intention to lead an attack that would end these criminals.  They challenge us on a daily basis and President Obama, stands idly by and lets them get closer and closer to our homes. The fact that he embraces the importing of Syrian Refugees who have no way to ensure they aren't terrorists and settle them in our cities where this can happen here. Look at what happened to Paris today, is this something you want to wake up to tomorrow in the streets of Chicago, New York, L.A., or anywhere in our nation.  We need action and leadership to eliminate this world of this scum who preys on freedom and innocence.   If we continue to do nothing it will come here and we will all be responsible.  

Demand Action NOW! 

We need to secure our nation and eliminate this threat, not pass them around from paw to paw like the favorite plaything for the family cat. 

Mr President, If you wont defend our nation and our citizens and unleash the dogs of war of the fiercest military on the planet, The United States Military,  to destroy ISIS, ISIL, Al Queda, Hamas, and any terrorist group or harboring nation  then Step DOWN as President of the United States now so we can elect a real leader to do what you cannot !



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