Friday, November 13, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Panic Among The Elites!" or "Reap What You Sow!!"


"Panic Among The Elites!" or "Reap What You Sow!!"

 Less than three months till the Iowa caucuses and there is concern among the elites that Trump could actually win The DON is causing real panic. What to do?? What to do?? Anxiety is setting in They thought that he'd go away after a week or two or so It goes to show how little this pathetic Republican Establishment actually know Dr. Carson cannot be discounted but the feeling is that he will eventually drop out But the DON is a very stubborn and determined.

 He is a man of enormous clout These outsiders have show durability. They have resonated with the voters in a way that is bewildering to the establishment The fear is that if either is nominated this will ensure Hillary will most certainly be President There is a deep seated trepidation that the Senate could fall into Democrat hands too The Republican Establishment is very worried of the hell that is sure to ensue They are so paralyzed by this fear. 

No consensus alternative has emerged as of yet Since the debate there is talk of Marco Rubio but he is no sure bet Various focus groups have been formed by the elites and no 'silver bullet' has been found Trump and Carson have held steady. They look to be on solid ground How do they prosecute the case against these outsiders? The is the million dollar question? No answer is forthcoming The panic increases day by day. 

This is all so very troubling The DON's counterpunches have been withering while Carson's appeal is somewhat spiritual to the base The elites seem so unable to come up with a strategy to what they see taking place It really has come down to wishful thinking that they will both somehow self destruct but that does not seem to be A rumor is being floated about that there may be a draft push for Mitt Romney!

 That would be a scenario that will surely lead to end of the Republican Party as we know it. It is a desperate measure to be sure The RIGHT has had enough of this RINO poison. Another one we cannot endure We've had four debates and nothing has changed leaving the elites in a state of disorientation Trump and Carson remain atop the field. Why?? 

There is a very simple explanation The base is fed up with these politicians who make promises that they don't intend to keep and who deliberately deceive Whatever we hear them say, no matter how well they say it, we simply do not believe There seems to be a feeling that it will come down to two candidates. An insider vs an outsider. 

If it's so history shows the insider captures the brass ring This time the dynamic is totally different. We can see the pendulum swing The big money still sits on the sidelines due to the race's ongoing volatility But soon it will be spent on attack ads that will air repeatedly It is hoped that these commercials will instill in these voters a feeling of dread that these outsiders have no governing knowledge and lack the gravitas to move the country ahead The stakes are very high as we move closer to the days when votes are cast Methinks the day of reckoning for the Establishment will come at long last!!

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