Wednesday, November 11, 2015



 "Thoughts On The GOP Primary"

 Jeb Bush has received the 'kiss of death'. He's been endorsed by Bob Dole. A RINO fossil gives Jeb his approval From this GOP group it is time for his long anticipated removal In each debate his performance is more and more lackluster. It borders on the pathetic How many times must we see poor Jeb look less and less energetic?? 

 I suppose he will tout Dole's support. After all wasn't he the GOP standard bearer in the 1996 campaign?? He was the quintessential RINO. So dreadful a candidate was he. I don't think there's a need to further explain With Jeb's campaign near its end there will be a big push for Marco Rubio The Establishment will truly love him. 

That is something I surely know His performance in these debates show him to be very nimble and glib but I find him to be a 'flip flopper', a man that is untrustworthy It would be a very big mistake to have this man as the GOP nominee 

If he finds his way to the Presidency it will not be good for our beloved nation He will team up with Speaker Ryan and both will push for amnesty legislation As this primary season progresses there'll be more 'hit' pieces on the DON and Ted Cruz The Establishment will insist that with either one the Republicans will lose Methinks Dr. Carson will fade. 

He's not ready for prime time. I say that most respectfully And what of Carly Fiorina? I think it's pretty obvious she is vying for VP This last debate was the best of the bunch. It proved to be a very good show I am more convinced of it. Why??

 Because the debate was panned by POLITICO You see they are a dreadful news organization. It is the agenda. Always the agenda To these biased cretins they can't wait for Hillary to rule our America!

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