Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nice Guys Finish Last :

And That’s Why Only Donald Trump Can Beat Hillary Clinton 
Sorry folks, love him or hate him only Donald Trump has the chutzpah, audacity, street smarts, killer instincts and vicious lawyers to fight Hillary Clinton and win.
Do you understand what we’re up against? Have you seen what the Clinton war machine is capable of? Have you seen what the Obama-Clinton regime is willing to do to win?

Do you understand Barack Obama met with the IRS chief more than any cabinet officer (157 times)?

During this time the IRS just happened to target, persecute and intimidate only conservative groups and high-profile Obama critics (like me).

Then Obama appointed a Democrat donor to head the IRS investigation.

Then he allowed the IRS Commissioner to oversee the destruction of evidence (thousands of Lois Lerner’s emails) and lie to Congress.

And then, just days ago, the Justice Department had the audacity to decline to prosecute former IRS official Lois Lerner (even though she plead the fifth rather than incriminate herself by testifying in front of Congress).

Do you realize it was the same Department of Jutice that conspired with Lois Lerner to figure out how to send conservatives to jail for the crime of running tax exempt organizations?

And all of this happened with Obama, IRS officials, Democrats in Congress and DOJ lawyers keeping a straight face.

This folks is an arrogant crowd that believes with the media’s help, they are above the law. Even the Gambino Crime Family couldn’t dream up a conspiracy like this.

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