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Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series#2,Child Abuse in the Classroom:#29,Teaching no Absolutes,Truth is Perception

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #2

Child abuse in the classroom:


Daily Bites of Child Abuse in the Classroom by Phyllis Schlafly :

Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly:
#29 Actual Court Transcripts: Teaching no Absolutes: 
Perception is Truth:
Marcella Warila, the Teacher’s court testimony 1984:

“In these Values Clarifications Public School sessions paid for by American tax paying citizens, they told these receptive teenagers that there are no objective standards of morality and that truth is irrelative and can mean anything they want it to mean.” When that teacher interjected that truth does not change and morals do not change but attitudes toward morals change. 

The consultant then replied, “On one level I hear you but I am having a difficult time with your statement because my truth changes everyday.” The State Board representative said he was sure that people interpret things differently. To prove that even in math there is no absolute truth he had the students add a column of 7 numbers then he said to the teacher, “You say the truth is always the same? In this case the majority says 5000 but the actual number is 4,100. We go by the majority. 

Doing the right thing in problem solving we must go by the majority which means consulting others and determining the answer by the whole group.” that taught the children that whatever is arrived at by the whole group is true and right. They did not distinguish between moral and immoral issues but went by majority.

 “ When Marcella, the teacher took her complaint to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum of the Portland Schools his reply to the teacher was, “If they are doing these things that would be wrong.” Then he made Marcella an appointment with the Talented and Gifted Program Coordinators. When the teacher met with 3 of the coordinators they insisted that sensitivity training was not used and they were not anti parent or humanist. they ended up saying it is society's fault and we need to work with society. 

Parents are welcome to attend these programs but most parents believe their children are recommended for advanced academic education. They do not know that attempts are made to alienate them from their parents and from moral values and to give up their individual judgement to the will of the group.

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(To be continued )
My next series is against Common Core. Phyllis Schlafly's "Child Abuse in the Classroom!
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold  War,series #2

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