Saturday, January 21, 2017

Country Legend REFUSES to Apologize for Supporting TRUMP, Liberals Are Furious

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Notable stars have backed out of performing for Trump after heightened public pressure to do so. That apparently will NOT be the case for one country superstar.

Toby Keith, a man who never hid his patriotism, stated, “I don’t apologize for performing for our country or our military,” via

And for those that think he is making some type of political statement by performing for Trump, he stated, “I performed at events for previous presidents Bush and Obama and over 200 shows in Iraq and Afghanistan for the USO.”

I strongly doubt Keith’s politics fall in line with those of Obama, but when called upon by his president, he picked up the phone for the sake of country.

This is quite the opposite of the approach of Jennifer Holliday, who up until yesterday was scheduled to perform.

After enormous public pressure, the African-American singer stated, “I was honestly just thinking that I wanted my voice to be a healing and unifying force for hope through music to help our deeply polarized country.”

She continued, “Regretfully, I did not take into consideration that my performing for the concert would actually instead be taken as a political act against my own personal beliefs and be mistaken for support of Donald Trump and Mike Pence,” via

Holliday had it right, initially, because her voice would have gone a long way to helping to ease some of the tension. Now, by pulling out of the inauguration, she has just lent more fuel to the divisive fire, which is exactly what the Democrats want.

Acts such as this create animosity between the various communities in this country. And when you add comments such as those from John Lewis, calling Trump an illegitimate president, that divide only gets worse.

Today, Dems seem to think they can do or say whatever they want without repercussion. Then, when they are called out for it, such as Trump did with Lewis, the script gets rewritten to portray everyone on the right as a racist.
Entertainers are just that, entertainers. While I respect their politics, that is not why we buy their records, go to their concerts, or watch them in the movies. Politics is not their role in this world.

But, because of the platform they have, they can do more damage than groups like Black Lives Matter when they toss their rhetoric around.

Mr. Keith, I salute you for you unwavering patriotism and having enough backbone to hold fast and true on your promise to perform. It is just a shame the bulk of the other people in your industry don’t possess the same loyalty to country that you have.


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